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Phạm Huy Phát
2 min readSep 13, 2019


So I finally decided to get on my way of contributing to the community by writing. And it took me way longer than I am supposed to.

I have always thought that I would start to share my knowledge when I have gotten better, but to be honest — I just don’t see myself get as much progress as I expected and never too keen to try hard on anything in life so I am not worth being listened to. Until recently, I read about ‘The curse of knowledge’.

According to Wikipaedia:

The *curse of knowledge* is a cognitive bias that occurs when an individual, communicating with other individuals, unknowingly assumes that the others have the background to understand. For example, in a classroom setting, a teacher have difficulty teaching novices because they cannot put himself/herself in the position of the student. A brilliant professor might no longer remember the difficulties that a young student encounters when learning a new subject.

;TLDR: it’s like a person who has just learnt guitar for six months can teach a person with no experience at all more effective than a pro player with 20 years of experience.

You see, I am in no position to teach anyone, but at least to give tutorial or explain, or even less — to discuss, knowledge is not the only factor that matters, it will need patience to spend time, sympathy to know the struggle and most important — the excitement to share something that is still new to myself.

So I think as long as I have respect for truth, I do my research carefully and read document responsibly then I am sufficient to tell you what I have found out today. After all, this is I think something I must do as my first step to be really in the Open-Source culture.

My topic will be on IT field, everything about it — code implementation (like libraries or third-party service), software architecture, software design, programming paradigm, good pratice / developer-experience… and in case you find me interesting, life from my perspective.

I will not only write but I will share other articles that I find cool as well. So you can go to my clap list if you have not known what to read yet.

This is Phát, and this is also Nemo. I write all these to be a better man and you read these because they come from a man who want to be better just like you.

Để mà mình có thể sống cùng một niềm tin khi trời sáng, thế là ta đã tồn tại từ thuở bình minh của thời gian — Đạt Maniac



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