Developer experience in Agile application software development

1. Set up proper channels for communication and documentation:

  • Keep the message groups small and active. Beside the global channel of announcement for everyone, there should be more split groups which focus on a single task and could be ephemeral, or group for separate department (backend, frontend, management) to load balance task and discuss on particular topics.
  • Make the documentation regularly updated and easy to look up. The human language does an amazing job when it comes to explanation but make sure that it is mapped correctly to what is happening in the system by updating them from time to time. Also, querying from these sources should be quick and accurate. You know you are doing up this wrong if you have to read through walls of text and get an unexpected result from the given example.
    P/s: My current project is using docz to organize documentation and it is quite pleasing to my opinion.
  • Take advantage of the specialized tool. If the team have the budget for tool application, integrate their features into your daily routine and track your productivity to see if it really helps.
    For example, in my current project, we use several tools to keep the work going smooth. Each app covers most of the use case we need on a specific category of work, like:
    - Jira: agile project management tool
    - Zeplin: share, organize and collaborate on designs
    - Telegram & Slack: for group communication

2. Complete guideline of code convention:

3. Automate fixed procedure:



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