Benefits of mouse-less habit

  1. Zone in with your keyboard:
    Using just the keyboard once you are used to it is both comfortable and stylish. Especially in the case of using mech keyboard, I am sure there is no better way to flex on a top keyboard than to do everything with it: browsing web, coding and formatting report, you tell me. After all, it made the developer feel distinguished among other jobs in the way we use computer.
  2. Less eye movement , less redundant action
    The eyes will immediately focus on where your action happen instead of tracking the mouse cursor from point A to point B. You also need to think on what you need to do next more mindfully rather than just move the mouse around mindlessly.
  3. From “Do-Think-Redo” to “Think-Do-Rethink”
    Whenever holding a mouse, it is normal that we move them around for a while before we know what to click next, and sometimes you just click where it is convenient not where necessary, and then after the click we move the cursor some more to figure out what to do next of next. This habit accumulatively cost us a lots of time between each action if ‘make the mouse move’ is the default first action — an action that is muscle-memorized, making you act as reflex rather than being rational. With only just the keyboard, you will have to think on what you want to do next before you press because it is not just a left/right mouse click — it has to be the exact shortcut you want to use or the location and name of the file your want to navigate to. Working with keyboard require you to get familiar with your IDE, file naming and folder structure, resorting more of brain-memory resource so that the action afterward can be effective and precise. And as an unexpected result, it will also improve your flow with mouse because you already reengineer to your “Do-Think-Redo” to “Think-Do-Rethink’.

Final words:




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